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Richart Realty Inc., Brokerage is a Commercial Brokerage that deals directly with the investor, principal or owner of a property looking to buy, sell or invest in other commercial properties here in London and or surrounding areas.  We at Richart Realty Inc. concentrate on various types of properties and have over 15 years of knowledge and experience in Real Estate dealing with commercial properties which include:

  • Land Developments
  • Multiplex units: duplex, triplex, 4-plex as well as 6-plex and up
  • Leasing
  • Industrial Buildings and land
  • Commercial plazas
  • Retail Plaza
  • Mixed use buildings
  • Property Management

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    Richart Realty Inc., Brokerage can service all your needs regarding all aspects of commercial real estate land and can take you or your company or business from the design stage right up and through the final product.  We work closely with architects, planners, construction trades and others helping you make decisions that will help you further your success whether you are a new or seasoned owner.

    We carry the torch of knowledge and experience by having owned and managed properties of our own for over 20 years.  Our extensive knowledge goes beyond the general Agreement of Purchase and sales agreement, it sets the stage for other more tangible experience with structure, water management, construction, renovation, electrical and much more.   The experience and knowledge that you will gain from Richard Miller, Broker of Record and owner of Richart Realty Inc., is second to none.  He will help you to understand the complexities of ownership, management and above all your investment.  We understand the full depth of the ownership and are here to help you the owner understand and pitfalls and the rewards of ownership.  Whether you buy, hold and manage your own, or continue to invest in more properties, let our team do the grunt work in finding you the right property.  The choice is yours and we are here to help you through any decision-making process.

    Richard Miller
    CEO and Founder

    At Richart Realty Inc., Brokerage we make the most of your investment and trust that you or your company can continue to invest and expand your portfolio given the experience and knowledge brought to your table by us. One of our biggest assets in our advice.  We have been giving advice to our clients helping them to achieve the smaller successes that lead to large dividends furthering your investment goals. Our clients love it when we assist and give advice during and throughout the process of purchasing, buying or investing in commercial property.  We take pride in offering our time, knowing that you fully understand your investment goals today, tomorrow and for the long term.

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